At Competitive Zone we aim to provide a fun, exciting, innovative and mentally stimulating environment through opposed game-related scenarios. The sessions are characterised by endless decision making and goal scoring opportunities. Competitive Zone offers a broad range of services.

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Competitive zone sessions

Small group sessions (3-6 players)

Delivered at Competitive Zone’s own venue. Recommended for kids of any age who would like to receive more attention within a small group setting through more touches and decision making on the ball. All sessions are filmed using our elevated camera and training footage can be provided to players/parents post-training.

Big group sessions (7-12 players)

Delivered at Competitive Zone’s own venue. Individuals get to train in a bigger group setting, make new friends and develop social skills. Players still receive significant contact time and attention and also get to train in bigger spaces. All sessions are filmed using our latest elevated camera and training footage can be provided to players/parents post-training.

Team guest sessions

Competitive Zone offers team guest sessions with grassroots clubs and teams at their own venue. The sessions are planned and delivered in accordance with Competitive Zone’s main pillar, developing psycho-social and cognitive skills in players. All sessions are filmed using our latest elevated camera and training footage can be provided to teams post-training.


'All out attack' programme

This programme focuses on offensive scenarios working on 1v1s, 2v1s, 2v2s, 3v2s, 3v3s, 4v3s. Sessions comprise lots of creative forward play, dribbling with the ball, making forward runs and exploiting space in transitional scenarios. Sessions are tailored to the needs, level and age of the players targeted. Special focus is drawn on the psycho-social development, such as bravery, determination and forward thinking attitude.

'Golden Zone' programme

This programme focuses on finishing themes and practices in the Golden Zone, meaning, the area within and around the box, short range finishing in multiple scenarios and from different angles. These sessions encourage players to have a go at the goal, be confident and composed in the box.  Endless goal scoring opportunities is what we promise.

'Keep it on the deck' programme

This programme focuses on 2 components, ‘individual possession’ and ‘team based possession’. In individual possession players learn how to retain the ball on 1v1 situations through dribbling, shielding or banipulating the ball under pressure or even combining around pressure. Players also learn to build out from the back and progress through the thirds in a team based environment. Bravery, confidence and composure in possession are some of the psychological skills developed.

additional projects


These sessions are designed mainly for younger pre-teen kids. A multi-sport exposure in the early sporting years is associated with a healthier lifestyle and a more enjoyable sporting experience over the longer run. A decrease in future overuse injuries, mental/physical burn-out as well as psycho-social and cognitive benefits are some of the gains of multi-sport exposure. Competitive Zone are firmly against early specialisation in a single sport.


Soccer schools are designed and delivered in conjunction with local grassroots clubs. They are open for every player of any age, level and ability. Soccer school sessions are basic with limited stoppages for coaching. Soccer schools are geared towards providing players with a high tempo and fun environment to learn from. Sessions are game-related with plenty of repetitions.


This programme is designed for players of advanced football ability who may potentially require exposure in a more specialised football training setting. These programmes are ran in conjunction with local grassroots clubs. Players will also be given the chance to play friendly games against professional football clubs or other development centres.

Age appropriate strength & conditioning

Competitive Zone takes into consideration the age and level of the individuals and offers a fun, exciting and contemporary environment for kids to develop key fundamental movement skills such as agility, hopping, balance and coordination...


Competitive Zone is now able to provide video analysis services to players and teams when requested using our latest VEO camera acquisition. Services comprise training/game filming, highlights, team and individual game breakdown. Prices can vary depending on the service requested. If you are interested please use the 'Request a quote' link below, send us your details and we will be in touch shortly...

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