Competitive Zone’s focuses on the psycho-social and cognitive development of the individuals, and this is what we aim to develop through the curriculum, coaching approach and style

brain, body part, organ


We aim to develop strong-minded, fearless and robust individuals with bravery, confidence, determination and high reserves of self-respect/esteem. Individuals learn how to come up with strategies and solutions to overcome failures and setbacks in the tasks they undertake


We aspire to develop self-aware individuals with the ability to self-reflect and develop their capacity to identify their strengths and weaknesses. We believe that way we can create more meaningful individuals for the society who can identify and pursue their talents while improving their weak spots


Our curriculum focuses on developing critical thinkers and independent decision makers as well as positive peer to peer interactions. We promote group discussions and provide individuals with the opportunity to express themselves. We also aim to develop effective communicators and leaders who can take ownership for their own learning


Through our psyscho-social and cognitive focus we aim to develop better footballers. We believe that the key is in the mind which can unlock the individual’s true potential. We want to help individuals reach their optimum potential, whatever that potential is. We want individuals to be the best they can be while enjoying their time and experience


Exciting practices with plenty of goal scoring opportunities encouraging brave and creative play. At Competitive Zone we aim to develop fearless and ruthless individuals in and outside the box who always have an eye for the goal and are able to pose a threat at any given time and in any situation…


It is of our belief that all sessions need to be game realistic, have a direction and an end-product, scoring points or goals. That would facilitate the player’s understanding of the game and cognitive development. It would also allow individuals to problem solve and find solutions within game relevant scenarios.

Among others, developing…

Creative play and independent decision making in game realistic situations

Bravery, determination and a fearless attitude in highly competitive scenarios

Confident speakers who are brave enough to speak up and express their views

Forward thinking individuals with the capacity to think outside the box

Critical thinkers, strong-minded and mentally resilient individuals

Happy and joyful individuals who have fun and enjoy participating in sports


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